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|| HD || BIGFOOT BASH 2010 by Ryan Davis

из альбома Drift, автор b-boyViT
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When you think of Washington you should think of three things...

1. Over weight women in spandex wielding umbrellas and peanut butter sandwiches

2. Thick green landscapes for Bigfoot to hide in, waiting to jump out and snatch your first born, and

3. Out of control, two day, multi-track drift events!

Ever since I could remember I have thought of Washington as the Bermuda Triangle... if you go there you might never come back. For Oregonians, it's the state always getting in the way. Your friends move there when you least want them to, the fun events are always JUST too far away, the weather seems to be plotting against you...

But now there's a light, a small ray of hope, for the rained out state of Washington. That of course is the thriving automotive scene, putting on events left and right: car shows, meets, drift events, drag racing, you name it. Not to mention the absolutely amazing cars being built by some of the local tuning and fabrication shops...

When I heard that two of the northwest tracks had worked together via local celebrity/male model Rob Primo, I was instantly excited. Rob, Matt and Darren have been putting on some very choice drift events in 2010, and this 2-day event was no exception.

The first day at Evergreen Speedway was interesting... There seemed to be an abnormally high number of wrecks, which quickly put drivers on edge. And for media, the seemingly constant call of "THE TRACK IS HOT!" had the same effect. So I ended up hanging around the other MotorMavens guys and keeping it easy, far, far away from the "officials."

The next day started off completely differently: Blue skies! Green grass! Happy track officials! Everyone seemed to have a different energy about them. People were running around helping each other prep cars, change tires, set up booths. The vibe was intoxicating. The drivers, the crowd, everyone was excited to get the cars on the track.

The track owners, Paul and Juli, were able to better support the media team, and provided more leniency on how we could film. They were excited to let the MotorMavens crew do what we do! So from the first minute cars were on the track the action was unreal...

I wanted to make this film a representation of the vibe and feel I got from each stage of the event. I have had so much fun at both these tracks before: Formula D at Evergreen and the crazy tandem events at PGP. I knew that, what ever happened, it was going to interest people, so I edited accordingly. Justin Shreeve was singing the Tom Petty song on the ride back, and that fell in so easily with the Evergreen section. The PGP section was so high energy and I knew Supernova by Loyale, an up-and-coming artist, was going to not only show the difference in pace, but stick in peoples heads leaving them wanting more.

Most of all I wanted to use this film to start introducing some of the people I have had the good fortune of meeting these last few months. The Northwest has a group of talented and motivated people bursting with energy, ready to push the limits of media and creativity. Keep your eyes open for more the MotorMavens crew and drivers they run with!


Tom Petty: You dont know how it feels

Loyale: Supernova

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