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Seeking Top Literary Agent (Elf on the Shelf Competitor)

из альбома Общее, автор mcclure76
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Literary agents (or publishers) please visit https://bestsellingpicturebook.com to represent our picture book. We are still looking for an agent and have data that will get the attention of top publishers.

THE EXPERIMENT: Over 100 children were independently surveyed by their teachers. The data showed that my 970-word picture book was liked by children much more than Elf on the Shelf which does over 10 million in sales annually.

I am looking for a top literary agent who is smart enough to understand data. In addition, we also have testimonials, surveys. This data and the wonderful 970-word story all can be found at the provided link. We are open to edits. https://bestsellingpicturebook.com/surveys.html

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