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Главная видео / Альбом "MAXIM Online" / Fred Durst (LIMP BIZKIT) critiques Russian music videos (Videosalon №44)

Видео Fred Durst (LIMP BIZKIT) critiques Russian music videos (Videosalon №44)

из альбома MAXIM Online, автор rutube
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Here we ask foreign musicians to watch some good and not so good Russian music videos, then they give their honest opinion on what they have just seen.

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Русские комиксы глазами иллюстратора «V — значит вендетта» https://youtu.be/ZiwEaCV6Qlg

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This episode featured these videos:

— Brutto - Homeland: https://youtu.be/YX5UdrBozms

— Anna Sedokova - Bye, Honey! https://youtu.be/QmSvEaiaxBM

— !NSIDE - Why Try (Limp Bizkit cover): https://youtu.be/-vX0iRfSK60

— Otava Yo - Sumetskaya: https://youtu.be/0JQ0xnJyb0A

— Ice 9 - It Gets Even Worse: https://youtu.be/-BZDWPNAO-w

— Noize MC feat. Atlantida Project - Jordan: https://youtu.be/AOrH0sq-tKY

— 7000$ - Fucked Over: https://youtu.be/I1FXoq7y_Wg

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MAXIM Videosalon is an extremely popular and a very unique interview format: guests are invited to watch and comment on the carefully picked music videos of Russian music artists. Such famous acts as Kasabian, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Ramones, Editors, Korn, P.O.D., Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Royksopp — among many others — have already taken part in Videosalon.

Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 1994. Their lineup consists of Fred Durst (lead vocals), Sam Rivers (bass guitar, backing vocals), John Otto (drums, percussions), and Wes Borland (guitars, backing vocals). Their work is marked by Durst's abrasive, angry lyrics and Borland's sonic experimentation and elaborate visual appearance, which includes face and body paint, masks and uniforms, as well as the band's elaborate live shows. The band has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, have sold 40 million records worldwide and won several other awards.

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