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Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution by Bill Terrel (Book Trailer)

из альбома Общее, автор Bill Terrel
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This book is very concerned about the way this nation is heading not just for eight years of the present administration but for all the government corruption over the past , who knows how many years our constitution in no uncertain terms calls for the closed borders no administration has really tried to close them. The current administration is trying its damndest to throw the gates of hell wide open, we the American people can not stand this financially furthermore geographically it is impossible we are running out of land. The main point this book could make people wake up we have laws many of them that would stop this influx of illegal people from coming into our nation, they break untold untold amounts of laws and nothing is done this issue could be settled in a humane and peaceful manner no bloodshed and no mistreatment. The true Americans the ones that love this nation but reading this book cover to cover and give it serious thought, this book will serve its purpose.


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