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The Ultimate Angerfist Megamix

из альбома Аниме на Sibnet.ru и многое другое, автор SibAnimet
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This video is for entertainment purposes only. It's a tribute to the lord of hardcore: Angerfist. I DO NOT take any kind of advantage from this upload.

Please share the word! Raise your fist!

Support Angerfist, whose music you enjoy:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angerfistmusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dj_angerfist

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAnger...

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/angerfistmusic

Website: https://www.angerfist.nl


The Murder Tune


Shattered Hope

Dance with the Wolves

Dortmund 2005

Don't Fuck Around (feat Mad Dog and Predator)

Restyle - Renovation (Angerfist Remix)

Raise Your Fist

Radical (Dominator 2008 anthem)

The Voice of Mayham (feat Outblast and MC Tha Watcher)


The Milition (feat Predator)


In a Million Years

In a Million Years (Nosferatu remix)

Carnival of Doom (as part of The Supreme Team)(Dominator 2013 Anthem)

Take U Back

Take U Back (dj Damage remix)

Stainless Steel (Predator rehab)

Stainless Steel

Still Krazy

Take the Power (feat Rudeboy and MC Syco)

The Voice of Mayham (feat Outblast and MC Tha Watcher)(Retaliate edit)

Conflict (feat Dazzler)

Perfect Fury

Mashall Masters feat The Ultimate MC - I like it Loud (Angerfist remix)

Catastrophe (feat Outblast and MC Tha Watcher)(Dominator 2012 anthem)

Tied By sound (as part of Masters Elite)(Syndicate 2012 anthem)

Burn this MFer down


Dortmund 2011 (feat MC Syco)

Dreams (feat Hellsystem)

No Escape from my Wrath (Eastside Connection remix)

The Before (feat Dyprax)

Gutts full of Lead

Who Cares

No Fucking Anticipation (feat Vince)(Accelerator remix)

A New level of Freak (feat T-junction)

Raise your Fist Again (feat MC Tha Mouth of Madness)

Bite yo Style

Bite yo Style (Dyprax remix)

T-junction and Rudeboy - How soon we forget (Angerfist remix)

Don't fuck with me

Human Resource - Dominator (outblast and angerfist remix)

Broken Chain (feat Crucifier)

The World will Shiver (T-junction and Rudeboy remix)

Street Fighter

Riotstarter (State of Emergency remix)


187 (feat Predator)

New World Order (feat Miss K8)

Twisting my Mind

When you're gone (feat Radical Redemption)

Legend (feat Predator)

Kasparov feat MC Raw - We will Dominate (Angerfist Refix)

Tonight (feat Crucifier)

Somewhere down the Lane

Right through your Head

Right through your Head (Tieum remix)

My Critic Fetish (Akira remix)

My Critic Fetish

Santiago (feat Miss K8)

Assault (feat Radium)

The Ugly Side of Life (as part of the Supreme Team)

The Desecrated

Skrillex and Damian Marley - Make it Bun Dem (Kid Morbid Bootleg)

Like This

Bloodrush (feat Lady Kate)

No Better Future (feat T-junction)

The Depths of Despair

Odious (feat Outblast)

Back up

The Pearly Gates (feat Dyprax)

Delusion (feat Outblast)

Looking to Survive

And Jesus Wept

Pissin' Razorbladez

Yes (Znooptokkie Drokz Remix)


Fuck The Promqueen (remastered 2011 edit)

Fuck The Promqueen (Tripped remix)

Gas met die zooi

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