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Fuller French - I'll Leave a Key by the Door

Fuller French - I'll Leave a Key by the Door

из альбома Общее, автор mcclure76
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Fuller French releases the music video for his latest hit I’ll Leave a Key by the Door. Currently climbing the Mediabase A/C chart with critics describing it as, “a charming, melodic and alluring slice of heartfelt piano-pop. It’s supremely catchy and drips with melody as it skips along a bed of rich meandering keys and honeyed purring vocals above.” (BarryGruff Music) This single comes off of French’s newly released 2019 EP “Champagne Rendezvous.”

Co-written with Cassandra Denver, French's one-time neighbor, I’ll Leave a Key by the Door alludes to rekindling a romance with an old flame.

Recorded at Capitol Record’s Studio C, the song gives off an inviting vibe that listeners thirst to experience. “It feels like 'Easy Like Sunday Morning', all gentle arrangements and a lead man who may well wink after every chorus “ described one Spotify promoter.

The music video, with art direction provided by ISET Agency and Rachel Dares PR, was filmed in Los Angeles by director Hashim Lafond who has worked with the likes of Kevin Hart and Ariana Grande. The pristine video editing was accomplished by five-time Emmy award winner Gustavo Sampaio, also founder of the NoHo Cinefest. In the hit, French’s vocals drip with the pure essence of love over a melody of charm. Available now on Youtube, I'll Leave a Key by the Door is the perfect tongue-in-cheek song for lovers everywhere.

Find more of Fuller French's music on Spotify:


Source: https://youtu.be/3HYOJuaiROE

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